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Which option is true of the Packet Information portion of the Packet View screen?

A.    provides a table view of events
B.    allows you to download a PCAP formatted file of the session that triggered the event
C.    displays packet data in a format based on TCP/IP layers
D.    shows you the user that triggered the event

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What does packet sniffing do?

A.    isolates datagrams into like groups
B.    reads datagrams directly off the wire
C.    transmits datagrams over a wireless network
D.    rebuilds datagram streams

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Custom whitelists are used for which purpose?

A.    to specify which files to alert on
B.    to specify which files to delete
C.    to specify which files to ignore
D.    to specify which files to sandbox

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Cisco Secure Access Solutions delivers a secure connection to a continually growing number of endpoints. This statement is an example of which Cisco value?

A.    time-to-value
B.    protection
C.    control
D.    scalability
E.    flexibility
F.    agility

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Refer to the exhibit. After a remote user established a Cisco AnyConnect session from a wireless card through the Cisco ASA appliance of a partner to a remote server, the user opened the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Statistics Details screen.

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Which two are characteristics of the high availability task? (Choose two.)

A.    It is found on the management module only
B.    It is responsible for executing a recovery action for any failure that occurs in the system
C.    It is responsible for maintaining the operational state of tasks in the system
D.    It triggers an event to the RCT subsystem to take corrective action
E.    It is responsible for storing configuration data for the applications that run on the system
F.    It runs only on the active SMC

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Which color represents a circuit that passes all design criteria in the Cisco Transport Planner Optical Results report?

A.    red
B.    green
C.    yellow
D.    magenta

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How many VEMs can one server have?

A.    4
B.    unlimited
C.    1
D.    2

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Cisco UCS Manager may be used to manage which four tasks within a Cisco UCS domain? (Choose four)

A.    Cisco UCS hardware including the chassis, servers, fabric interconnects, and i/o modules
B.    Cisco UCS resource management including WWN addresses, MAC addresses, UUIDs, and bandwidth
C.    Deployment of a Windows or Linux Operating system
D.    Management of non-Cisco x86 systems
E.    Network administration such as creating VLANs, uplink ports, port channels and LAN PIN groups
F.    SAN configuration tasks such as creating VSANs, QoS classes and definitions, and port channels.
G.    Deploy patches for software, such as an OS or an application
H.    Install software applications, such as databases, application server software, or web servers

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You work as an Office Manager for Blue Well Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. You have two budget situations in which one is the worst case and the other is the best case.
You want to create both situations on the same worksheet and then switch between them with the change in requirements. Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task?

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